Inner Christmas

By John Dobby Boe

Inner Christmas Inner Christmas   There’s singing in the darkness, do you hear? There’s gaiety and sadness in the tune. I wish you an inner Christmas this year.   November night brings on December drear, Festivity says sunlight’s coming soon. There’s singing in the darkness, do you hear?   I love the winter and I [...]

Intellectual History

By John Dobby Boe

I saw Rilke milk a cow. I saw Yeats on skates, and wow, The sound of Ezra Pound Sticking out his belly at Docile T.S. Eliot.   I saw Jung annoyed at Freud For spilling wine on Gertrude Stein. Then Freud, annoyed, began to rant, “The Devil can but Immanuel can’t.”

Lines from the Middle English (c. 1320) (Original and Translation

By John Dobby Boe

Wynter wakeneth al my care; Now thise leves waxen bare, Ofte I sike and murne sare Whan it cometh in my thoght Of this worldes joye, how it goth all to noght. Now it is and now it nis, also it ner nere, y-wis. That many man seyth, sooth it is— Al goth but Goddes [...]