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This is now on the Pedagogy Website( / ) alongwith other responses to Bartholomae’s report. It will be published their Winter 2011 issue, but since Pedagogy has it on their website, I figured I could post it too!

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Don’t Call Me Professor!
John Boe
As someone who has been teaching full time o* the tenure track at the University
of California, Davis, since !+,!, I am grateful for David Bartholomae’s
“Teaching on and o* the Tenure Track: Highlights from the ADE Survey of
Sta-ng Patterns in English” (see pages .–(& of this issue), which is a careful,
fair, and thorough discussion of the sta-ng of English courses in the
United States. And I am especially grateful that David has asked me to write
a response to this piece. That he would ask a nontenured person to respond
is typical of his fair- minded approach.
First of all, I want to talk about what to call me, what this report
necessarily calls me and others like me — minority groups lacking power
are often sensitive about the nomenclature supplied by those in power. And
so, at the risk of seeming petty, I must admit that I do not like being called a
non- tenure- track faculty (NTTF) member. To me it echoes the phrase “nonwhite.”
After an almost thirty- year career, I do not like that the only way to
refer to me seems to be in terms of what I am not.

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