A Stick in the Wall of the Barn

By John Dobby Boe

[This tale was very popular in the circles of teenagers in Sandvika outside Oslon the 1860's]

There was this girl who was afraid of boys. So she found a stick of just the right size and shape and stuck it in a hole in the wall of the barn. She would go into the barn at night and make herself busy with her stick.

But this boy noticed what she was doing. So one night he knocked the stick out and then stuck his member through the hole. He waited till she came into the barn and had her way with his stick.

After she had left, he put the original stick back in the hole, so no one was any the wiser.

But, as happens, the girl became pregnant. And when she had the baby, she was asked to name the father. Finally, somewhat ashamed, the girl admitted the truth: “The father of my baby is that ugly stick over there in the wall of the barn!”

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  1. thats kind of a sad story

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