The Piglet: 19th Century Norwegian Folktale (never before translated)

By John Dobby Boe

The Piglet

One time this man got drunk and went to sleep by the side of the road with his dick hanging out of his pants in plain sight. Along came a young girl on her way back from town where she had bought grain for her mother. She noticed the man with his thing sticking out, and was curious.

So she woke the man up, pointed down, and asked: “What is that there?”

“Oh, it is a piglet.”

“Oh no, is it really? Does it eat grain?”

“I think so,” said the man.

So she took some grain in the palm of her and held it out in front of the man’s little pig.

“He doesn’t want to eat it,” she said.

“Put the grain on your crotch and then he’ll he eats,” said the man.

So she lifted her dress and put the grain on her crotch. Then the piglet came to eat all right. He soon dove inside the girl, surprising her so much she was the one who started to squeal, “Ha-ow! Ha-ow! EEE!!”

“Don’t be afraid,” the man said. “It’s only my little piglet, digging deep for the grain.”

And so the girl relaxed and even enjoyed that piglet as it dug down deep, just like an excited pig does for truffles. When the piglet was finally done feeding, the man went on his way, taking his piglet with him, and the girl went on home with what was left of the grain.

As soon as she got home, though, she got herself a bowl of sweet milk, lifted up her dress, and held the bowl up between her legs.

“Here, here, little piglet, poor little piglet, here, here,” she chanted gently, holding the bowl of sweet milk up against her pussy.

Her mother came in and saw what her daughter was doing. “Have you gone crazy, daughter?” she asked. “You are behaving so strangely!”

“Oh I met this drunken man on the road who had a little piglet. And he ran up into me, so I am trying to coax him back out again with this milk.”

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  1. And I imagine her over time gradually gone mad, like Laura in Tennessee Williams’ The Glass Menagerie, night after night, calling forlornly to the little piglet, trying to get it to come out and drink her sweet sweet milk.

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